Caps & Closures

Pet Preform Caps & Closures


Item Description   Neck Size Type of Band 
Cap  28mm Alaska Neck Finish   
Cap  28 mm – PCO  Tamper Evident 
Cap  28 mm 3 start Neck Finish Tamper Evident 
Cap 46 mm Butter fly with handle
Flip Top Cap 16 mm Long
Suitable for flavored hair oil
Flip Top Cap 19mm -Front Seal – Press Fit
– for HDPE bottle -50-100 ml
Flip Top Cap  25 mm -Front Seal Press Fit
-for HDPE bottle -100-200 ml
Saving of 2 gms in preform & 1.5 gms in closures
3 Start Neck….Strength of 23 gms in 21 gms….
Along with cap of 1.6 gram
3 start neck – 20.8 gm saver neck performs suitable
for 1 Ltr still water bottle.
Packaging Specifications     
Corrugated 5 Ply Box Size:
L=460 mm, W=360 mm, H = 370 mm
430 Boxes per 20 Ft. container,
1008 Boxes per 40 Ft HQ container
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