Have you ever given a thought about the most common utility item for home and industrial use? Pet bottles – yes you read it right! Be it bottles, tablet containers, bottles for pharma, food flavour, agrochemical, jars, plastic caps and much more! Even while reading this blog, you can find pet bottles all around you as they are a part of our daily lives. This excerpt gives you a detailed overview of the evolution of the PET bottles industry in India in 2021.
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Rise of PET Bottles in India

Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) has become a key constituent in the packaging sector of India. The outbreak of Covid-19 has fuelled an astonishing demand for PET in the packaging of food and beverages. Hygiene has become a serious concern that has prompted the superior procurement of disposable items.

Another major factor is the Indian healthcare and pharmaceutical sector that has witnessed robust growth in recent years. Ranked 3rd largest in terms of volume & 13th largest country in terms of value, the Indian pharma market holds the key to the growth of the PET bottles market. The need for materials during the Pandemic has increased manifold and is perceived to scale upwards in the future.

Penetration of PET bottles market in End-user Industry:

• Pharmaceutical & Liquor Industry
• Food and Beverage Industry
• Bottle Industry
• Cosmetics Industry

Penetration of PET bottles market on basis of applications:

• Juice / Milk
• Carbonated soft drink
• Water
• Oil & Edible
• Chemicals & Pesticides

The Global Outlook

The global PET bottle market carries an optimistic growth pattern by the virtue of certain market sectors. Increased consumption of carbonated drinks and innovative packaging ideas across the globe is tremendous over the last few years. With continuous research, innovation and techniques, major global PET bottles brands are introducing more evolved products. Few staggering facts highlight the growing demand in the international market.

• PET bottles with capacity ranging from 500ml -1000ml will be the most productive segment between 2020-2030
• North America is the most productive market, followed closely by Europe
• East Asian market will grow at a substantial pace between 2020-2030


Why PET bottles are an integral part in the household and industrial sector?

The strong encompassing framework is changing the dynamics of the market. Buying patterns, customer’s preferences, and untapped avenues are steadily transforming the business paradigm. Below are some of the key factors that have driven the sales volume.

• Eco-conscious and sustainable solutions
• Wall against UV radiations, high temperature & oxygen
• Aligned to international safety standards
• Chemically stable and shatter-resistant
• Lightweight & economical

In the year 2020, the global PET bottle market had touched a volume of 13.1 million tonnes! The ask for sustainable packaging solutions with recycled materials is further boosting the market in India. Inflating disposable incomes, urbanization and altering food patterns are few key drivers in the Indian market.

Aligned with Environment Reforms

The safety of PET packaging is understood by the way it is manufactured. Without any heavy metals like Chromium, Lead, Mercury and more and chemicals, PET reforms are proving to be a boon for society.

Due to their lightweight and ability to recycle and reuse, modern-day PET containers are portable and travel-friendly. With a stringent emphasis on decreasing the carbon footprint, is also tested for being non-toxic, biocompatible and not injurious in the biological environment.

PridePet – the Torchbearers of PET Converter in India

An eventful journey that started way back in 1998, has turned out to be one of the leading manufacturers of PET bottles in India. Customization is our forte as we produce more than 250 ton of PET preforms and 12 million bottles every month.

As an ISO 9001:2008 quality-certified Company, we have been a core contributor in the evolution of the PET bottles Industry in India in 2021. We look forward to attaining milestones with our ‘MAKE IN INDIA’ products and expand untouched market territories across the globe.