WINLEY has state of the art equipment being in the forefront implementing new technologies always focusing on meeting our customers ever changing needs. Our diversified production capabilities make it possible for us to meet different volume needs of our customers by being able to handle multiple order sizes.

R & D

An optimum packaging solution comes with your demand for process efficiency, sustainability goals,cost optimisation, consumer appeal and as well as brand positioning. We advise and inspire you with recommendations to meet your desired solutions for specific packaging needs. The process starts right from scratch with radical new solutions or starting point might be optimisation of an existing package or you might choose a solution already available with you. Sketches, 3-D model and 3-D mock ups are all tools used in the process of bringing ideas to life. Together, we fill confidence.


Our Service and Support team is always ready in providing technical support and professional assistance. We have a team of specialist in key process as blown, injection and compressed air services, so we can supply you with specialized technical support. We help you improve and fine-tune production lines with precise choice of configuration for the blow moulding machines.

Injection Moulding Machines

Pet Preforms, Caps and Closures are manufactured on Precision Injection Moulding machines from Ferromatic Milacron, Arburg and Shibaura Machines. We have Fully Hot-runner moulds with cavitation ranging from 4 to 48.

Single Stage ISBM

We offer variety of shapes for Pet Bottles which are manufactured on ASB Nissei machines. Ranging from 10ml to 250ml in various neck sizes and colours.

Two Stage ISBM

We offer variety of shapes for Pet Bottles which are manufactured on fully automatic blow moulding machines. Ranging from 90ml to 5000ml in various neck sizes and colours.