In recent years, concepts like green revolution and environmental sustainability have grown manifold, leading to individuals as well enterprises being more conscious and responsible in their approach towards the environment. As a result, preserving the planet’s natural resources and cutting down on harmful, toxic emissions are major factors that are being taken into consideration by the majority of enterprises while manufacturing their goods and products.

At Winley Polymers Pvt. Ltd, our aim is to cater to this growing concept of eco-sustainability and bio-based plastics. Consequently, we have an ingenious team that is constantly taking the lead in coming up with innovations in our product line that aim at cutting down the impact on the environment.

Lightweight Plastics

One such way of doing our bit for the environment is by manufacturing lightweight plastics – a sustainable way of reducing carbon footprint and limiting the overall density of the plastic material, without compromising on the strength and durability.

Since these plastics are lighter in weight, they result in reduced fuel emissions and delivery time. In today’s world where oil resources are dwindling and fuel prices are rocketing, fuel-efficiency is environmentally as well as economically beneficial.

Reduced shipping costs and reduced material usage further make lightweight plastics extremely cost-effective too. Furthermore, lightweight plastics are durable, tough, and impact-resistant, and corrosion-resistant.

Biodegradable Plastics

Biodegradable plastics are plastics that can essentially decompose or degrade through the actions of microorganisms present in the environment, into carbon dioxide, water, and biomass. Conditions like light, humidity, temperature, and microorganisms in the environment have the ability to disintegrate biodegradable plastics into organic compounds and gases.

At Winley Polymers, we are committed towards cost-effective and efficient biodegradable plastic manufacturing – right from the raw processing to mold-making to the final end-product. We are determined in developing the most competent bioplastics technology and manufacturing materials to help our clients and customers with compostable solutions that are ecological and renewable, and have no negative impact on the environment.