Markets We Cater

Personal Care

While shopping for personal care products, consumers look for a number of factors such as an eye-catching appeal, ease-of-use, the overall look and feel, the comfort of handling the bottle, and an innovative design. At the same time, today’s responsible consumer also looks for sustainability. At Winley Polymers, we understand the unique needs and demands of our consumer, and ensure that our packaging is designed accordingly. Be it compactness, portability, easy-to-open caps, effortless spray dispensers, ergonomic containers, or sustainable packaging, we are constantly innovating and adding value to our products, to make sure we are in tune with what our consumers are looking for. Our Personal Care market segment includes categories such as Hand Sanitizers, Body Washes, Face Washes, Liquid Hand Washes, Body Lotions, Hair Oils and many others.

Home Care

Home is a place where most of us spend the maximum amount of time. At Winley Polymers, we firmly believe in promoting a safer home environment for you and your loved ones, with our quality-controlled PET packaging solutions for home applications. All our home care categories including Phenyl, Disinfectants, and Liquid Dish Washes are carefully verified and tested for quality and durability. Whether it is the size, the ease of grip, or effortless squeezing, our designs provide maximum efficiency and ensure that the packaging matches the function of the product. We constantly strive to make sure our home care PET packaging solutions resonate with our consumers needs and convenience.


In the pharmaceutical packaging market, quality and safety are the two most important factors that cannot be overlooked. This is where our PET packaging solutions come into the picture. PET plastic is non-toxic, non-carcinogenic, biocompatible, and poses no harm to the biological environment. This is why it is the most preferred packaging system for pharmaceutical products. All our PET products follow the most stringent safety and quality standards across all our pharmaceutical segments including medicines, cough syrups, and sanitizers. Our top-notch packaging solutions aim to provide the best, in terms of patient convenience, product protection, consumer safety, tamper evidence, and compliance requirements.


PET bottles have increasingly become the preferred packaging solution for beverages such as soft drinks, fruit juices, packaged water, and hot fill preforms. PET has several benefits for consumers who buy beverages in plastic containers on a regular basis. Our premium packaging for the beverage industry aims to give you the quality and safety standards you truly deserve. Global organizations like the FDA have approved PET bottles of being safe for regular use. PET preform bottles are non-toxic, BPA-free, durable, break-proof, portable, sustainable, lightweight, and recyclable. Our PET bottles also offer enhanced efficacy with their innovative designs and improved ergonomics. Winley Polymers offer the most competitive PET beverage packaging solutions across segments including Aerated Drinks, Water, Juices, Milk, and Flavored Milk.


Winley Polymers have noteworthy experience in creating efficient PET packaging solutions for the food industry. PET is the perfect option to package food, owing to its toughness, flexibility, impact-resistance, light weight, and unparalleled barrier properties that ensure the food remains protected from external contamination. We continually strive to deliver quality to our end consumer with our barrier coated packaging that helps the food products retain their aroma, flavour, and nutritional value. Keeping consumer convenience in mind, our designs are application specific, for instance, dispensing caps including flapper caps, anti-leak seals, lightweight packaging, and more. We aim to deliver solutions that offer optimum use across all our food market segments – Confectionery, Tea Powder, Sugar, Spices, Ghee, Cooking Oil, and Chocolates.


While glass bottles have long been a preferred choice to preserve and package liquor, the liquor industry is now gradually transitioning towards the use of plastics. What makes PET preforms a feasible alternative to traditional glass bottles is mainly the ease of use, or the convenience factor. PET bottles have the transparency of glass allowing the same level of product visibility. They are also impact-resistant and lightweight, preventing breakage and product waste, and reducing shipping related costs. Our PET packaging solutions for the liquor industry are designed in a variety of shapes and sizes, in tune with what the industry demands.


We have the experience as well as expertise in delivering high quality Agrochemical PET bottles that offer optimal performance. With our main focus on safety, we adhere to the highest standards of quality and durability while catering to the packaging needs of the agrochemical industry. Our packaging designs are spill proof, shatter-resistant, and offer easy dispensing, ensuring extended freshness of the product. We also make sure that our packaging is easy to use, cost-effective, chemical resistant, and moisture-free, so as to meet the required quality and optimum shelf-life demand.