Many amongst us saw the horrifying images of plastic wastes been deposited back to the shores in the recent cyclone Tauktae! While nature has its own cleansing system, technology is empowering us to restrict the usage of plastics globally. To meet the growing environmental regulations, RPET (reusable polyethylene terephthalate) bottles are the next big transformation in the plastic industry. Read this blog to uncover how reusable PET bottles are a big step to the sustainability of our surroundings.

The private sector and social communities are indulging in creating awareness and educating people about the same. With a ban on single-use plastics, investments in the waste collection process, and cutting plastic packaging – a lot is being done. However, to sustain and contribute to healthier lives and a healthier planet, we need to groom the idea of reusable plastics.

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All about RPET bottles

Did you know that PET is the most recycled plastic in the US and across the globe? Compared to glass and other conventional bottles, RPET bottles carry multiple ecological advantages. Tested and approved by international health authorities, PET reusable bottles are safe for food contact.

While manufacturers use PET products for strength and thermo-stability, retailers adore it as it promotes high product visibility. Customers love it because it’s light-weight, 100% recyclable, and safe.

Sustainable: Compared to glass, container materials, and aluminum, PET enjoys a decent sustainability profile. Furthermore, 40% of PET’s energy is attributable to its resource energy. This helps to reuse the energy in its raw materials through recycling.

Since the last few decades, RPET bottles have become the most widely used and trusted materials in the packaging industry. Being light-weight helps to save energy while transportation and hence PET bottles are a prime choice.

Chemical resistance yet strong: Being non-reactive to water and food, makes it the perfect choice for packaging consumable products. It gives little or no room for oxygen to pass through from the outside environment. Compared with others, reusable PET bottles are much safer and cheaper while transporting them across the globe.

Completely recyclable: Did you know RPET is actually 100% recyclable? Right from the label to cap and bottle – it emits a lower carbon footprint than Virgin PET bottles. As RPETs form a post-consumer waste that becomes an essential commodity for manufacturers, it never goes to landfills. This collection process ensures that companies are on track to meet their environmental and sustainability goals.

Ideal to human health: A Virgin or single-use bottle contains a hazardous chemical called BPA. Since the 1960s, this is used for the production of certain plastics and resins. The chemical is not present in the reusable PET bottles that make them safer for human use.

Staying hydrated is very crucial for the human body and RPET bottles are your best companion in this journey!  Be it office, gym, outing, – a reusable bottle travels with you without taking much space in your bag. For many, it acts as a wake-up call to drink enough water and keep an eye on how you intake every day!

PridePet – Pioneer in Reusable PET bottle manufacturing in India

Under the brand of Pride Pet, Winley Polymers has cemented its space in the Indian PET bottle alongside having a commendable presence in the international arena. Manufacturing up to 12 million RPET bottles each month, the company has achieved a consistent growth trajectory.

Last Words

If your ultimate goal is to reduce the consumption of plastic, reusable PET bottles are one of the best options for the future. RPET bottles are a preferred choice by the virtue of being ‘strength-to-weight’ ratio, reduced cost, and a safe product. It’s simple – if you use a reusable PET bottle, on average you save over 156 bottles per year.

Start making a difference in your life with reusable PET bottles that are a big step to sustainability.